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Master Data Management and LGPD

By Marcio Guerra - Director of Marketing and Innovations at MD2 Consultoria

MDM has a deep context of data reengineering, involving requirements such as wide connectivity with various data sources, high performance (using massive parallel processing for treatment of tens of millions of records), multilayer data model to ensure complete governance in all stages of processing involving data collection, the critical processes and data sanitation to apply the routines of quality treatment and retention for curation and especially the mature identity resolution mechanisms to promote the unification of records at the corporate level in a secure and reliable way, maintaining traceability with their respective origins.


An MDM solution requires sophisticated and mature people registry correlation algorithms, which take relevant investments to be structured (based on the experience of implementing these algorithms for different industry segments and involving a range of people profiles treated for the generation of this data hub) and that need to be in constant evolution. Implementing a Master Data Management solution requires heavy and super-specialized work!

When it comes to MDM in support of LGPD initiatives, the law is clear about the universe of data that must be mapped. All records must have a legal basis that supports their existence and use for each specific

purpose, in addition to the validity period, which is not eternal.


This means that, in addition to the engines for data collection, analysis, qualification and unification, an MDM solution also needs to embed an intelligence for framework management, in order to generate automatic controls for the end of validity or non-framing of the data of the company's owners. And, through these controls, it is possible to automatically register occurrences in risk management and curation interfaces so that the data controller and the privacy and governance team can act proactively, respecting the principles set forth in the law.


All this is necessary so that the company does not run the risk of possessing and using data without legal authorization, and so that it can be effective in meeting the holder's rights. The MDM solution supports the LGPD compliance projects by providing a single and reliable source of information about each person that relates to the organization, continuously monitoring any change or inclusion of data and keeping the reference to all the personal data related to this holder. This gives speed and security to the process. Failure to respond adequately to these rights generates evidence of non-compliance with the law and, consequently, exposure to sanctions and punishments.

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