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National Confederation of General Insurance, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization Companies


The project reached two major information systems in which the entity's operations are anchored. They are: DATASEG, which includes statistical data from the insurance market; and SISEG, an integrated system of insurance technical data. In these two data structures, CNseg® needs to manage about 3 billion records from regulatory bodies, such as the National Health Agency (ANS®) and the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep®), which are accessed daily by insurance companies in the Parents.

In order to guarantee efficiency and accuracy for these data transactions, MD2 articulated a solution capable of guaranteeing the maximum quality of all data in the repositories - eliminating redundancy, inconsistency and indefinition of records and integrating them in the most efficient way possible through the Intelligence.

To this end, MD2 made use of the standardization, encapsulation and data analysis functionalities provided by the IBM® Infosphere DataStage®, Infosphere® Quality Stage® and Infosphere® Information Analyzer® tools, which are part of the IBM® InfoSphere® Information suite. Server®.

The integration of the three different tools allows the extraction, qualification and analysis of data in a uniform and 100% automated way. With this, companies in the Brazilian insurance market obtain with greater precision and agility all types of strategic information for their operations.

This includes data such as records and statistics of thefts or accidents involving vehicles; information on health demand and statistics of hospitalization or death and even data related to specific events such as the occurrence of “recalls” for automobiles, which can have an impact on insurance contracts. Altogether, CNseg® systems record an annual movement of around 65 million accesses in search of this type of data.

“The large number of databases, associated with the enormity of the records and the large volume of accesses, caused a great workload for the information system, in addition to presenting a considerable risk of failures. With the adoption of quality, integration and data analysis tools, we were able to circumvent the most critical aspects of this structure and work with maximum efficiency in our operations.”

Reports Ricardo Gondim, IT manager at CNseg®."

"CNseg® managed to drastically reduce the update time of its gigantic loads of data, containing information inherent to the various insurance operations and which are distributed in 37 large databases. The system modernization project was carried out by MD2 Consultoria, which is among the main IBM® partners in the Big Data and Data Integration segment.

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