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The adoption of a data governance program is considered an essential factor for companies to comply with the requirements of the LGPD, effectively controlling all the data of the people with whom it relates. To meet the rights of holders provided for by law, for example, it will be important to map and locate an individual's personal data contained in traditional systems, as well as in unstructured digital assets that are outside traditional systems (various files, emails) so that the law can be fully enforced.

Unstructured data is data that is not organized into systems because it does not have a well-defined structure, or a pre-established pattern. They usually have free format as data in word documents, contracts in .pdf files, spreadsheets, text files (.txt) and messages in electronic mailboxes (emails).

One of the biggest challenges of governing personal data to comply with the LGPD is to implement a corporate data catalog that allows the company to have a map of the personal data used (structured and unstructured), such as being able to easily search for data assets related to a individual to meet the requests of the holders provided for by law.  Within this context, it is necessary to use a robust technological platform for the governance of unstructured data, which allows mapping, cataloging and offering search services such as purge actions.

StoredIQ for Information Governance ® is a robust and scalable platform for governance of unstructured data from different storage types and platforms. Its connectors cover various technologies such as file servers, email servers, cloud platforms and other data management technologies.

StoredIQ for Information Governance ® offers robust and advanced capabilities that allow companies to collect, analyze and govern unstructured data assets from a central point, including query services and retention and purge actions of these assets to meet protection policies. of data, with end-to-end management resources for these assets and actions to support the fulfillment of holders' rights.


StoredIQ for Information Governance ® uses a combination of rules and machine learning to identify and classify business data, making it readily available for data governance and analysis needs.

The solution allows full flexibility to filter the work focus data, allowing, for example, to create a reference map focused on personal data of individuals to support the GDPR governance program: 


Once this data is mapped and filtered, StoredIQ for Information Governance ® creates a reference catalog, with a series of governance functionalities and management indicators. From its governance interface, it is possible to govern the volumes of unstructured data by type, volume, categorized filters, among other actions.

StoredIQ for Information Governance ® and MD2 Quality Manager

StoredIQ for Information Governance ® offers APIs to query its indexed repository of unstructured data, allowing you to consult documents, emails and any other data asset related to an individual. This search can be done by identifying attributes of an individual such as name, CPF, e-mail, among others.


For the team responsible for managing the GDPR compliance program and meeting the rights of holders, MD2 offers the integration of MD2 Quality Manager with StoredIQ for Information Governance. This integration allows the privacy team to query a subject's data in the MD2 Quality Manager interface and result in a 360º view of this subject within the organization, with all existing personal data coming from structured and unstructured assets, allowing agility and complete governance to support the GDPR governance program.


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