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IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a fully integrated data and artificial intelligence platform that modernizes the way enterprises collect, organize, analyze and disseminate data. Built natively for a Cloud environment, the platform unifies key analytics lifecycle services from data management, DataOps, governance, Analytics to automated AI.

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Built on top of the OpenShift® multicloud orchestration platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data leverages container-based service optimization and centralized infrastructure resource management. The solution fully supports multi-cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud®, and enables private cloud deployment.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) enables you to connect to data, control it, find it and use it for analysis. Cloud Pak for Data also enables all data users to collaborate from a single, unified interface, supporting many services designed to work together. Cloud Pak for Data boosts productivity by allowing users to find existing data or request access to data. With modern tools that facilitate analysis and remove barriers to collaboration, users can spend less time locating data and more time using it effectively.


Modular tool

The platform is divided into modules and the foundation is built on the Cloud Pak for Data Control Plane. Control Plane provides a command line interface, an administration interface, a service catalog, and the central user experience, allowing coordination and interaction of the services that have been enabled.


Common, Integrated Services

Several Cloud Pak for Data services require similar features and interfaces. To streamline the platform, these capabilities are provided by Cloud Pak for Data common core services. These services are installed once per project and can be used by any service that requires one or more features. The common core services provide data source connections, deployment management, job management, notification center, projects, and search.


Integrated Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Services

CP4D has a range of services, which can be enabled according to the company's business needs. These services are arranged in the services catalog and include IBM and third-party vendor offerings. The catalog contains the following main service types:​

  • AI

  • Analytics

  • Dashboards

  • Data governance

  • Data sources

  • Development Tools

  • Industry solutions

  • Storage


For example, if there is a need with data governance and data science, simply purchase and install AI services, analytics services, data governance services, and development tools to support developers and data scientists. Also, if there is a need to implement an integrated database to store data science assets, simply choose from the services available from Cloud Pak for Data.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Watson Knowledge Catalog


Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) provides a secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework. A catalog connects people, data, and knowledge, and a data governance framework ensures that data access and quality comply with business rules and standards. WKC provides refined control over which users can perform which tasks, through a combination of roles.


The data governance framework is composed of control artifacts that enrich data assets and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. Governance artifacts are organized into categories and subject to a workflow. Data administrators and data quality analysts have the necessary roles can create control artifacts, import artifacts from archives, or import artifacts from accelerator services.


IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) provides all the capabilities to catalog the enterprise systems and to perform Data Discovery activities of personal data in the systems, using ready-made and custom regular expressions, creating reports and indicators for data science and risk management projects, in order to maintain the continuous improvement of the LGPD compliance program.

Data scientists and business analysts can copy catalog assets into analytical projects to analyze data and build models. They can also publish data and analytic assets to any catalog.


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