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Establishing a program focused on Data Governance is a fundamental foundation for a range of corporate initiatives focused on the strategic consumption of information. This approach changes the way organizations understand, control and consume these data assets.

It is a foundation that establishes a set of best practices for a well-functioning ecosystem of intelligent information management in general.


The concept is very broad and encompasses several areas of knowledge with specific roles and responsibilities. In common, we can say that it is about the adoption of best practices in the management of information as a corporate asset, in order to meet corporate policies that establish rules and control over the data that flow daily in the corporation.


Certain that this mission to promote the understanding, development, and practice of data and information management as key assets of an organization is in line with the main objectives of our company, we seek the adoption of several concepts proposed by DAMA to endorse our focus and specialization. The entire implementation of our solution takes these practices into consideration.


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