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Search, Identify, understand, standardize, validate, improve quality, unify, organize by domains and dispose corporate data so that it can be consumed by business processes and people for strategic, tactical and operational purposes of our customers. Purposes such as better understanding data about people and products, relationships to business offerings, customer development opportunities, retention, service, and meeting data privacy regulations.


MD2 MDM has always relied on IBM technology using IBM INFOSPHERE components for data integration and data governance and benefits from the advantages offered in the aspects of performance, large capacity to connect to heterogeneous databases and sophisticated algorithms for data processing. We have made significant progress in increasing our capacity in all these aspects, reducing complexity and further improving the performance of processing large volumes of data in a unified logical layer and our capabilities for correlating customer, prospect, employee, product data. So, the 360-degree view of customers and their relationships with the company can be better understood, explored and regulatory aspects addressed and new analytics components can be incorporated.

It is nothing new the incessant search of organizations for quality and contextualized data in their business scenarios. Data governance is a relevant theme, requiring methodology, dedication, patience and persistence, given the dynamics of business activities and also the use of data assets in distinct and voluminous formats. The pressure in the business field and the need to use data as a competitive differential are not new, and in recent years the regulatory pressures in the field of data privacy have intensified the urgency and relevance of these issues. In addition to attracting, doing business with, developing, and retaining customers, companies need to comply with data privacy laws. New technologies and concepts are inevitable to support the business world and the new directions of society.

However, understanding and applying new concepts and technologies does not mean discarding the investments already made. Collecting, Understanding, Cataloging, Unifying, Enhancing, and distributing quality data effectively to the business is and remains crucial, and within the purposes of the data fabric and MDM concept.

In addition to business imperatives, new technologies and new architectures used bring a new context for data governance. Enterprises are increasingly scaling their digital transformation journey and it is very common for an organization to have in its ecosystem legacy systems, external applications contracted as a service, proprietary cloud applications, data lakes, among other data repositories to meet business dynamics.

What changes for MD2,
our offerings, and for our customers in this context?

The Data Fabric concept permeates data management capabilities in a flexible manner to enable data integration in multiple styles and across multiple platforms with superior performance, reduced time, and increased delivery of quality data. An architecture and set of data services can then provide consistent capabilities to integrate diverse data sources and cloud or on-premises environments, simplifying and accelerating the use of data for digital transformation and business development strategies. The main components of this proposed new concept or data architecture has relevant overlaps with data governance projects, new components and ideas are inserted, the dimensions mentioned: Dynamic data Ingestion, Discovery, Access, Processing, Orchestration include MDM.

With the Data Fabric concept and IBM technology applied in our MDM solution, supported by the IBM CLOUD PAK FOR DATA® platform, a solution based on Red Hat® OpenShift®, we were able to take the benefits of the solution to a much higher scale. IBM CLOUD PAK FOR DATA® enables the execution of data management and exploration components in any cloud or on premise applications, performing data discovery and cataloging activities, quality management, data lineage and exploration for diverse uses with powerful Augmented Intelligence (AI) components that are applied in an agile and simplified manner.


The MDM MD2 solution supported by the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform gains relevant capabilities for delivering qualified data at the new levels of effectiveness required in the business world and its technological diversities.

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