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Localiza® unifies customer registration through an MDM solution provided by MD2 and IBM®.


In more detail, Localiza® implemented a CDI (Customer Data Integration) project in order to eliminate incorrect or inconsistent records, accommodate qualified data in a single repository and make it available to the entire organization. . As a result, it sought to create a 360-degree view of each customer and, from there, outline individual profiles, differentiate product and service offerings and support cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Previously, in contrast, each business arm of Localiza® had its own records, as Alberto Campos, IT director at Localiza®, explains: "The records were completely different from each other, varying from unit to unit. there were only 65,000 customers from all bases", he says.
Alberto Campos, IT director at Localiza

Data integration will enhance the company's business by eliminating the chance of errors. Localiza®, an integrated platform that operates car rental, fleet rental, franchising and used car sales, consolidated the customer records of all its business units by undertaking a comprehensive data purification and integration project. Supported by the MDM for Customer (CDI) solution, a joint offer by IBM® and MD2, a developer specialized in data integration, a unified information base was built in the company that today supports the personalized service of all users.

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