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New badges and training for data privacy and integrated quality management professionals

By MD2 Consulting

MD2 Consulting identity has always been guided by the search for knowledge and continuous improvement. In each new project, we dedicate ourselves to understand our client's problem, involving our team to always offer the best solution. This internal culture is slowly being passed on to our clients and business partners, who are also understanding the importance of continuous improvement, through training sessions and meetings with our team.

The General Law of Data Protection (LGPD) is oriented to the improvement of the understanding about personal data security and process control and its application in companies. The LGPD also guides the necessary dissemination of knowledge about data protection by the DPO to the company's employees, requiring trained professionals and a well-structured company to ensure compliance with the law.

It was with our identity and the need guided by LGPD in mind that we developed a specific knowledge trail for the MD2 Quality Manager tool, which delivers the ideal solution for compliance with LGPD. This knowledge trail is based on "badges", which represent a sequence of training to be performed by our customers, employees and business partners.

The badges for each training course are:

Foundation: This badge indicates that you have achieved the theoretical educational objectives of using and configuring the MD2 Quality Manager tool, as well as: fundamental study of the LGPD, process of personal data treatment in the tool, and flow of service to the holder's right via the portal. 

Practitioner I: This badge indicates that you have completed the training on the use of the Quality Manager tool, including conceptual explanations and practical examples experienced in a scenario of implementing a program for compliance with the LGPD.

Practitioner II: The objective of the training is to make the student put into practice all the learning that was made available in the trainings Foundation and Practitioner I, by experiencing thematic scenarios that simulate the reality of implementing a compliance program with LGPD. With this badge you are one step away from becoming an expert!


Expert: The bearer of this badge has completed all MD2 Quality Manager trainings, possessing full theoretical, practical and functional knowledge regarding the solution and supporting methodologies. This badge will be earned after a theoretical test and a practical project contemplating the various functionalities of MD2 Quality Manager.

Our badges are digital certificates using blockchain technology, which guarantees security when sharing your achievements on social networks or even when signing an e-mail. By clicking on the badge, you can view the details of the achievement and verify the veracity of the information of the certified professional and the certification itself. Each of these achievements reinforces the concept of a data privacy and quality management professional well prepared for the challenges of the LGPD and able to drive the compliance program through MD2 Quality Manager.

Contact our team of experts, learn more about MD2 Quality Manager, and start your professional development with our knowledge trail.

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