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BreakWater and MD2: a new partnership

By MD2 Consulting

Breakwater is an international consulting, software, and services company, with offices in the United States, Switzerland, England, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, and India, which are in full expansion and technological innovation, bringing good options to our clients and business partners.

Our new partner helps customers mitigate risk and gain insights through information, combining technology automation and human experience. Breakwater offers expert consulting, software and services that address the challenges of information governance, regulatory compliance, privacy and cybersecurity. Breakwater's solutions enable governance, legal, and risk professionals to locate, access, analyze, and manage information, making data transparent and actionable, supporting clients in the public and private sectors to mitigate risk, improve productivity, and increase profitability by transforming the way they use data.

According to Marcio Guerra, MD2 Consulting's Director of Marketing and Innovation, this is a partnership that will complement the strategic portfolio when it comes to robust data governance programs: "Our partnership with Breakwater aims to support clients already using the StoredIQ for information governance solution, which adds with unstructured data tracking in our LGPD SUITE solution and complements our data governance offerings."

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