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LGPD: fines related to data
privacy already reach more
than 4 million reais in Brazil

By MD2 Consultoria

The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) - law 13,709, comes into full force in August 2021, enabling the application of the assessments provided for in the legislative document. But, before the assessments of the law began to take effect, fines and sanctions related to data privacy were already applied throughout Brazil, through other norms, judicial processes and articles of laws of the National Constitution.

In all, R$4,371,850.25 in fines were imposed against companies and state and municipal bodies. This is what the website of the National Association of Data Privacy Professionals (ANPPD) shows, which reports the entire history of fines imposed so far (in public proceedings), in all Brazilian states.

This value is extremely expressive, given that the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) is still not auditing and prosecuting the punishments provided for in the LGPD. The information presented in the infographic below raises an important alert for all companies that work with the use or sharing of personal data: what is being done to control the existence and use of data, as well as to protect it?

More than ever, these are important issues for all companies that want to be competitive in the market, because companies that are diligent with the LGPD, in addition to complying with the law, are more concerned with their customers (and with the data of them) and place themselves in the market as a company of credibility, a fundamental factor to stand out in any sector.

The importance of information on data assets, documentation or management of metadata, compliance with the rights of the holder and many other mechanisms is a necessary issue to structurally meet the requirements of the law and to provide the fundamental elements for a company to prove its diligence in controlling the existence, use and protection of personal data.

You and your business certainly don't want to be part of this infographic. In this sense, having an experienced company in the market, which can offer you quickly, with exclusive methodology and technologies, the guidelines and paths to be followed in search of due diligence with the law is essential. MD2 Consultoria, through MD2 Quality Manager, offers the ideal tool for all types of companies. Our software will guide you to formalize policies, manage and report risks and possible incidents that may affect people's privacy. In this way, impact reports, indicators, action plans and process risk management can be defined to further improve their compliance with the LGPD.

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