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Quality Manager Capsules

By MD2 Consulting

Each company has a specific market segment and, therefore, fundamental particularities need to be managed internally by organizations. It was with this in mind, and in offering more agility and assertiveness to several customers, that MD2 innovated and created the QM capsules: deployment accelerators associated with the renowned MD2 Quality Manager solution , which will directly support vertical processes, specific to areas such as Human Resources, Insurers, Health Operators, Clinics and Hospitals or Cross-industry.

Our main objective with QM capsules is to offer specific components for each market, adding even more value to the MD2 solution, which is already successful in integrated quality management, combined with the GDPR compliance program. Each capsule brings technology, innovation and ease of implementation of regulations, data input, data governance programs and various business purposes.

Check out the capsules already released:


IDSS - Processes and controls that support and accelerate the management of Supplementary Health Development Index indicators.

UD - Support for unstructured data governance for all market segments.

Data Hub - Database integration and consolidation for small and medium-sized companies from different segments.

RN452 - Process and supporting documentation for regulation of health care regulations.

LGPD Ready - Guidance for GDPR compliance for companies in all areas.

SRO - End-to-end governance by properly recording insurance operations.

Owner's Portal - The ideal communication between the owner and the organization.

Contact our commercial team and find out which capsule is ideal for your business.



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