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Extrafarma opted for the acquisition of

LGPD Suite MD2 solution.

Founded 58 years ago, Extrafarma operates in the Brazilian pharmaceutical retail market. With more than 400 stores in the North, Northeast and Southeast regions, and more than 7 thousand direct employees. In 2014, the company became part of Ultra, a multi-business company that also includes Ipiranga, Ultragaz, Ultracargo and Oxiteno.

Currently, the network has more than 6 million customers registered in its loyalty program, Clube Extrafarma. From the scenario, the control of compliance with the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION LAW becomes mandatory, within the governance program, risk management and the company's business expansion strategy.

In addition to mitigating the risk of assessments and fines, compliance with the rules of the General Data Protection Law also aims to support the company's strategy, considering some pillars such as: Personalization of treatment and customer experience, demonstrating diligence and concern with all aspects of data privacy involving the relationship with its customers, whether in the purchase history, prescription or participation in the Clube Extrafarma loyalty program.

Within this challenge, Extrafarma carried out a complete process of analysis of technology solutions on the market that could support not only the governance requirements for the LGPD but also other strategic objectives anchored in the qualified and integrated view of its customers' data.

After all the analysis of features, cost/benefits and market references, Extrafarma opted for the acquisition of the LGPD Suite solution from MD2. In addition to the governance resources for managing processes, risks and mechanisms to facilitate compliance with the rights of holders, the solution provides a data foundation with an integrated and qualified view of personal data (customers, suppliers, prospects) and their legal frameworks. , which will allow the company to use this foundation for other strategic projects.

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