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MD2 extending the use of Quality Manager technology

for the LGPD program

Direito de Negócios is MD2's partner for implementing GDPR compliance programs. For over 23 years, Portugal Vilela has provided legal services to the corporate business world. Throughout this time, her work has always been guided by values that have made her a reference for quality and avant-garde.


With a long-standing partnership with MD2 and our Managing Director, Mr. Claudio Duarte, synergy has always been remarkable between our companies in many good aspects.

Concern for the customer in the first place, meticulous quality control in processes and above all, focus on agility, organization and results. With the advent of the LGPD, Portugal Vilela was not content to seek an average solution to meet its internal demands and to implement LGPD compliance management in its customers.

We, at MD2, who already serve large national companies that need support, have already worked with PV customers in diligence in managing processes and data to meet the requirements of the LGPD.

It is a pleasure for MD2 to have this strong partner in the legal area using our tool, thus allowing us to increase our specialization in this segment.

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