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The best way to control data and accelerate business insights - MD2 Master Data Management
By MD2 Consulting

By MD2 Consulting

Collaboration: Filipi Ribeiro - MD2 Specialist Consultant

Imagine walking into a library in search of a book. There is no cashier, no librarian, no system on site, and no other information about how you can search for the desired book. Frustrated, you begin to wonder how you can find what you are looking for in a plethora of other books. The time lost is sure to be extremely high. Unfortunately, this picture happens all too often in organizations that have not yet matured master data management (MDM) processes.

In the modern world, information is one of the most precious assets. Well-structured, consolidated, integrated, and, if well analyzed, information helps in developing insights for all parts of the organization. If your company does not yet observe in detail all the information from customers, prospects, employees, partners, suppliers, products, and how it circulates and is stored, it is time to pay attention to this issue and work to leverage your business.

MD2 Master Data Management enables the visualization and analysis of various information from your company in a single environment. The data recorded in the central repository of the MDM system go through a series of criticisms and validations that allow that only the information with enough quality to support the decision-making processes of the company will be "stamped" so that its publication to other corporate systems is authorized.

How MD2 MDM works

Before we go into detail, it is important to keep in mind that: Master Data or Master Data is the sensitive information, shared across multiple business processes, that provides the context for the company's day-to-day transactions and operations, typically information from people (customers, suppliers, prospects, employees, collaborators), products and services.

MD2 MDM functions as a central information repository that gathers data from customers, products, suppliers, and that can receive this data from various sources. With a set of steps, MDM selects the best record (Golden Record), which can then be used in business processes with greater security and reliability, without losing the audit trail of the original records (which can be, at any time, referenced).

MD2 MDM will perform the collection and treatment controls, creating the views and qualification scores of the records, allowing greater data governance; customer data management application, with standards, rules, workflow and data curation and analytical dashboard for management indicators, traceability and auditing of the repository (hub).

MD2 MDM and the LGPD

Using MDM as a centralized repository of people registration, it is possible to centralize the management of legal frameworks by purpose x legal basis and validity period. Thus, the systems that receive the data will be updated with the legal frameworks of the records, such as, for example, consents given or revoked by the holder, in addition to providing support to meet all the new rights of the holders recognized by the LGPD.

The General Law of Data Protection, in a way, guides a way to speed up the holder's rights. To work with this guidance, it is essential to have a solution with a central corporate vision to be able to respond adequately to data subjects.

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