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Data Democratization and how
to apply it in your company

By Laurier Soares - MD2 Sales Manager

The topic of data democratization has never been more talked about in companies lately. It positively affects business assertiveness and the productivity of professionals who deal with data on a daily basis. It boosts team productivity and efficiency, increases confidence in the use of data, and promotes greater agility in data science, artificial intelligence, and process automation projects.

But how to apply this concept in an efficient way considering the frequent scenario of companies with dispersed data collections in different platforms and technologies?

The IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform promotes in its essence the democratization of data in complex IT environments. 

The idea is to easily and intuitively have a corporate catalog that allows employees to search for what they need, request access to the data, and receive it quickly and efficiently in the desired format. IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers exactly this facility by promoting search capabilities, understanding, collaboration, access facilities, while delivering data security and privacy requirements.

Many companies pursue this goal but run into the difficulties of creating and keeping up to date a collaborative data governance platform. It is precisely in this scenario that IBM Cloud Pak for Data differs.

Innovative broad connectivity, virtualization and data collection capabilities streamline the cataloging of existing IT assets and data integration. Innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities accelerate data discovery, assess and measure data quality, and link business terms to managed assets, bringing in a single interface for an agile and intuitive governance experience.

MD2, from its expertise in data governance projects, has added accelerators integrated into IBM Cloud Pak for Data that optimize data governance and data privacy projects. Governance policies with categories, terms, classes and data control rules developed by MD2, 100% integrated into the IBM platform, accelerate the implementation of data governance and data privacy programs.    

Understand a little more about how IBM Cloud Pak for Data and MD2 accelerators can promote data democratization in your enterprise. We promote hands-on demos on a regular basis. Contact us!

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