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LGPD compliance, RN452 accreditation,
RN 443, IDSS indicator management
and Quality Management

By Marcio Guerra - Marketing and Innovation Director at MD2

The LGPD requires health operators to be in compliance with its principles, fundamentals, and specificities. Protection of physical and digital data, new processes to meet the rights of data subjects, data management in relation to purpose of use, legal basis, expiration time of treatment, risk management, incidents.

Non-compliance with LGPD will cause lawsuits, sanctions and punishments by the regulatory agency and negative institutional exposure.

The normative resolution 452, provides for the accreditation program for private plan operators as an incentive to improve management practices to increase the confidence and satisfaction of beneficiaries and all those involved. The accredited operator will have advantages from the financial and administrative point of view, and positive exposure in the market. To apply for this accreditation, the operator needs an IDSS equal to or greater than 0.6 and other administrative requirements.

The normative resolution 443 disposes about the adoption of minimum governance practices, with emphasis in internal controls and risk management, for the purposes of solvency of the health assistance plan operators.

The IDSS, supplementary health performance index is the performance evaluation of health plan operators that make up the Supplementary Health Qualification Program, defined by the National Supplementary Health Agency - ANS.

The IDSS consists of indicators that make up a score from 0 to 1, distributed in four dimensions: Quality and Health Care, Access Assurance, Market Sustainability, Process Management, and Regulation.

 The requirements of the LGPD and the resolutions in their dimensions have similarities and overlaps in some moments, the business processes and data treatment need to offer the conditions for integration of all of them to optimize resources. Data management for monitoring the indicators of compliance with LGPD, IDSS and other items will require data integration, automation of the loading of data sheets that are inputs for the indicators. Employees and leaders of business areas in the health operators usually work under pressure to do their best work, but often accumulate activities on several fronts and are pressured by the business and regulations.

MD2 Quality Manager is the platform that offers the conditions for centralized management, engagement, collaboration, and a relevant contribution to this new stage of the supplementary health market in Brazil. LGPD and RN's, Quality Management in a single platform. We offer unlimited training at no cost for the use of the tool, support for integration of data from the operator's management systems with the mechanisms for process and indicator management, and a flexible commercial policy to meet the needs of various sizes of operators.

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