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LGPD Clinic

Your clinic prepared for the LGPD

MD2 Quality Manager, a specialized solution for quality management and LGPD compliance is now available in an unprecedented model in the Brazilian market for clinics and medical offices. Offered in a special package named LGPD Clinic, MD2 Quality Manager offers a complete solution to accelerate LGPD compliance and avoid administrative and institutional risks.

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Why does your clinic need to be in compliance with LGPD?

The General Law of Data Protection (LGPD) came into force in 2020 and impacts all Brazilian companies that use and process personal data. The aim of this law is to ensure the data privacy of each and every citizen.

With the law in force, it is necessary for your company to establish a program that will review all processes and internal culture where data is handled, as well as new processes for data protection and management of the new rights regarding personal data.

In the case of clinics and practices, most of the data used is considered sensitive (such as data related to patient health). In this sense, it is even more important to ensure that this information is secure and used according to the demanding criteria.

Promote LGPD compliance management with transparent policies on the use of personal data, collection and storage of data from your patients, employees, or anyone who has a relationship with your practice and there is personal data to be protected.

Understanding MD2 Quality Manager in the LGPD Clinic project

MD2 Quality Manager is a platform designed for the management of the compliance program to the General Law of Protection and Personal Data (LGPD) and integrated data quality management, offering interesting functionalities to perform the relevant activities for the governance of administrative and care processes, risk management and engagement of all involved, so that there is awareness and appropriate conduct.

MD2 Quality Manager provides the entire set of artifacts required for an objective conduct of the LGPD program, including the main administrative and care processes common in clinics and medical offices, risk management processes, incident management (violations), meeting the holder's rights and program management in general, in addition to training for those involved. With all this in hand and with those involved trained, evolutions and customizations to the individual characteristics of each clinic/consultancy will be naturally allowed.

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The solution then offers recommended processes for:

  • LGPD program management: activities, roles and responsibilities;

  • Data privacy and personal data protection policies;

  • Proposed processes for meeting the rights of data subjects;

  • Correct conduct of patient care (reception and scheduling);

  • Administrative processes that handle personal data (billing, admission);

  • Guidelines for information security.


Pre-structured processes offered at the LGPD Clinic:

Care processes

  • Patient care

  • Examination Realization

  • Examination wrapping

  • Exam delivery

Information Security Process

  • Information Security

Administrative Processes

  • Admission

  • Termination

  • Billing

Activities related

to patient care

  • Reception

  • Scheduling/Re-scheduling


Accelerating Processes

The solution provides guidelines to follow for implementing a compliance and continuous improvement program, with 22 pre-defined processes that will facilitate your clinic's compliance with LGPD.

Customize Processes

Customize the predefined artifacts according to your practice's needs and realities.

Instructional Material

Training for members, partners, attendants and employees, supported by materials and videos.


Legal Support

Common processes for clinics and practices have similar data processing. Thus, MD2 Quality Manager in the LGPD Clinic project offers the business processes and their respective pre-formatted data processing according to the requirements of the law, including legal analysis performed by professional counseling that establishes the legal basis for the processing performed in these processes and foundations.


You always ahead of LGPD

Compliance with LGPD requires attention and structuring actions so that the business is not affected by lawsuits, enforcement or sanctions and punishments for irregularities by the regulatory agency and institutional exposure.

  • Prepare your team;

  • Adjust your clinic's processes;

  • Structure roles and responsibilities;

  • Reduce data privacy risks;

  • Be supported by the main quality and continuous improvement tools;

  • Prove the adequacy in an easier way in case of inspection by the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) or legal actions.

What are the program steps?



With all the included core processes already mapped out, you can make the necessary adjustments to your practice's reality and move quickly through the LGPD compliance program.


The clinic's staff must attend the training courses offered in the MD2 Quality Manager tool and the training courses offered by MD2 free of charge and on a regular basis.


By joining the program, access the MD2 Quality Manager solution in the cloud, without having to install software on the clinic's local computers.

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MD2 Quality Manager is a special offer for your practice! Suitable for medical, dental, nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology practices. It is also aimed at small imaging clinics, laboratories, and multi-specialty clinics.

  • Agile compliance with LGPD

  • MD2 Quality Manager cloud platform - more security and agility

  • Up to 5 active users

  • The most cost-effective platform

  • Hiring in monthly rental format

Count on a company that is a reference in the market


A reference in the industry for over 21 years, MD2 Consulting, through the MD2 Quality Manager solution, brings all the support that only a leading company in LGPD compliance could bring, with all the experience in the data governance industry.

In the LGPD Clinic program, the MD2 Quality Manager solution can be acquired at a differentiated price, according to the size of your clinic or office.

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