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Why DataFabric? What is its relevance in the era of growth and expansion of data use?

By Laurier Soares - MD2 Commercial Director

Several market researches show that data-driven companies are more competitive and perform better. Data governance is a recurring theme on the agenda of companies, which seek to organize themselves to obtain the maximum value from the data they have.
Fact: Data usage challenges remain a major barrier to innovation. Almost 70% of the data companies have is not analyzed. Data quality impacts more than 80% of data science, artificial intelligence and innovation projects in general. The scenario is exacerbated by the expansion of data silos driven by new applications on traditional and cloud platforms. In addition, regulatory and data privacy requirements are demanding greater control and management, impacting the work of teams that need access agility in the use of data.

What is the concept of Data Fabric and how does this strategy bring a paradigm shift to data governance? 

Data Fabric creates a data mesh concept that allows you to manage the entire DataOps lifecycle while balancing agility, speed, reliability and compliance, with excellent TCO and performance. Technically, Data Fabric proposes an abstraction layer for collecting, cataloging, sharing and using data in a unified management architecture, based on the context of integrated data governance.

The new IBM Cloud Pak for Data Platform offers all these features in an integrated way, offering the following benefits:
·     Automation of data privacy and governance tasks enabled by active metadata
·     Automation of data engineering tasks, optimizing integration with various connectivity and virtualization features in hybrid cloud architecture
·     Enables self-service features to facilitate data consumption and collaboration for the end user, respecting privacy and access control 
·     Support for the complete DataOps lifecycle through governance, data quality, integration and collaboration, in a single framework

MD2 has great expertise in data governance projects and is a pioneer in Brazil in the use of innovative technologies offered by the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform. To learn more about Data Fabric and how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help your business meet the challenges of using data efficiently, contact us!

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