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MD2 is a company that since 2000,

is willing to carry out serious and rewarding work for our customers, a trusting and fair relationship with suppliers and an integrated, respectful environment with good growth possibilities for our employees. Our aim is to offer solutions and services to help our customers govern their data assets and differentiate themselves in their market. Our employees, managers and directors have a behavior based on reliability, partnership and ethics.


 MD2 partners 

MD2 is an IBM® Gold Business Partner and constantly seeks to add value to the IBM® business, continually investing in the training of its employees, evolving along with the technology presented in the market.  

We are leaders in Master Data Management projects in Brazil, we provide services and provide solutions (software and business packages) and applications for data integration and analysis, data quality, business intelligence and business analytics.


where we operate 

We operate in the Brazilian market and are dedicated to delivering solutions that anticipate problems and opportunities guided by quality information at the right time.


We rely on proven technology and methodology to offer our clients the exploitation of statistical databases for use in predictive analysis and the mechanization of business insights. Collect, document, store, organize, propagate. 


Our selection process for Trainee positions seeks to find professionals with a technical profile focused on data engineering, Java development and process improvement.  

This is an opportunity to start a career in a dynamic environment aligned with the most innovative technologies on the market.  

We chose to design our trainee program so that it is completely remote, allowing people from anywhere in the country to participate.

Our program lasts 6 months and will be an opportunity for your technical and behavioral development, exploring both specific knowledge of the area as well as preparation for teamwork and immersion in challenging projects. 


Be a student in the final year of graduation or up to 1 year of graduation


In Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering and Administration*

*only for the process vacancy


of Data


People with analytical identity to support complex environments, apply improvements and ensure the functioning of the IBM/MD2 Product Platform. 



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 Cauê Guerreiro        

Cauê Guerreiro_laranja.png

"Differentiated" I think this is the best word that defines the md2 trainee program.  

With an incredible team of people, the program allowed me to learn, improve and experience new knowledge.  

It is very gratifying to be in a company that works on the development and evolution of its employees.  

Here you are not just another one. If you are looking for professional and personal improvement this is the right place. 

 Witor Oliveira                 

Witor Oliveira_verde.png

I'm Witor, I participated in the MD2 Trainee Java 2021.1 program, what I can say right away is that it was the 6 months of greatest learning and experience since my beginning on this journey as a programmer, this 100% remote program helped me a lot to learn how to deal with teams remotely, solve problems and discuss software architectures, this was a key point that helped me a lot to improve my communication and the way to transpose ideas and thoughts about projects and activities. MD2 is a place that allows you to participate equally in all projects, giving you the freedom to express your opinions in a comfortable and networking environment. I would undoubtedly participate in other MD2 programs, today 6 months later, I can say that I feel prepared to continue learning and evolving in my professional career. 

Sign me up!


What is the duration of the program? 

6 months 

How will the selection steps be carried out? 

All steps will be remote 

What happens after the program ends? 

You will be allocated to one of your team's areas/projects 

How and when will I be communicated about the progress of the selection process? 

At each stage our communication will be done by email 

If I have another question, where can I contact you? 

You can get in touch via email 

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