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Challenged by LGPD, SUSEP, the IFRS17 standard, and the System of Registration of Insurance Operations (SRO), insurance companies need to have market maturity, with professional and technological support to organize data silos and routines for ascertaining financial flows, identifying all parties involved.

Thinking of supporting the insurers in these challenges, MD2 Consulting, through the SRO capsule inserted in the MD2 Quality Manager solution, which includes IBM data integration and quality software and specialized implementation consulting, will bring integration, qualification, organization, and information storage processes, besides the accelerators required for the SRO project.


The new product, added to the highly regarded MD2 Quality Manager solution, offers support for

- Reviewing and adapting business processes to meet regulations with pre-structured process models;

- Adequacy of data treatment processes to meet LGPD requirements;

- Creation of a corporate reference base with accuracy and governance to support business initiatives;

- More detailed reports that help insurers control the entire data lifecycle.

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The SRO HUB allied with MD2 Quality Manager establishes end-to-end governance of this information, enabling process automation and validation, allowing the insurer to monitor data throughout its life cycle, identifying and treating error situations before they cause any kind of problem for the organization or its customers. The solution will guide the data curation teams in their review, treatment and qualification routines, before the data is published to other systems and sent to Susep.

Meet the requirements foreseen for insurers with MD2 Consulting, through methodology, MD2 Quality Manager tool and IBM's Data Governance technology, offering all the support for the SRO, adhering to LGPD (Privacy by design and default) and IFRS17(CFC50).


LGPD Clinic: a complete project, prepared by a team of experts in the health segment!

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