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Information Security - why investing?

By MD2 Consulting

Nowadays, most companies store information in digital files. This has enabled more convenience and agility in these archives, but also generated the need for extra care to ensure that data, passwords, documents and other information are well protected. Information security is fundamental to protect your company against internal and external threats and to ensure that data leakage does not occur, nor that hacker attacks can destroy or hijack it.

Information security is much more than an antivirus installed on the machines of the users of systemic resources and corporate networks. When this security is formed by well implemented processes, tools and strategies, it can protect from digital attacks, information leakage or even human failure, creating a real fortress around the corporate data stored in systems and files.

Those who think that only the IT area is responsible for information security in a company are mistaken. It is very important that all areas and managers, besides understanding very well the need for these security actions, are aware of the risks and new behaviors, to identify and mitigate the risks. An error or negligence from a user can expose the entire organization.

Investing in a tool with robust technology, capable of minimizing the risks against all and any kind of threat to your data, is fundamental to maintain a safe company, without being surprised by serious risks that can generate irreversible damage. An important issue, which should also be taken into consideration, is the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD), which guides companies and owners regarding the obligations and rights regarding the treatment of personal data. The company must, by law, protect the data of the people in its custody and be able to prove this at any time.  Therefore, choose a solution for your company that works to detect and prioritize threats and that integrates the LGPD compliance and information security teams.


MD2 Consulting, through MD2 Quality Manager and IBM Qradar, offers a robust solution for data protection and LGPD compliance. All events with incidents related to personal data will be notified and linked to formalized processes with the assets' use policies and, thus, a formal treatment will be registered, complying with the model of establishment of reasonable mechanisms for defense of the owners' data (as provided by LGPD) and also ensuring greater security and control over information of possible risks to the company. The IBM Qradar component will be responsible for monitoring the user's day-to-day activities, based on the policies defined by the organization's business rules, identifying unusual or malicious behavior and tracking the user's risk score, protecting the company from insider threats.


If you want your company to be safer and better prepared, contact our commercial team and get to know, in detail, our information security solution.

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