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How did the partnership between Sul América® and MD2 take place?

In 2006, after MD2 was approved by Sul América® as a supplier and specialist in ETL processes and expertise in IBM® InfoSphere DataStage®, I hired them to work on the SulAmérica® broker portal - NAC On-line. The purpose of the contract was to change the processes of business data loads. Since then, we have completed two BI projects and we are developing the third project for BI in another business area of the company.

What is the problem solved by MD2?


In MD2's projects, the focus has always been on optimizing and cleaning data at source, extracting business data from the mainframe, transforming and loading it for better results in customer applications. Therefore, several COBOL programs that had all responsibility for preparing data for other systems stopped being used. As a result, there was a decrease in mainframe CPU consumption and agility in the time of releasing data to users.


What is the solution given by MD2?


With the use of IBM® InfoSphere DataStage® , we moved to an environment whose development interface is very friendly, the ease of understanding the entire business process takes place through the reading of documented processes in the flow itself, gaining monitoring of the executions and validations in an agile and automatic way, in addition to the reduction in machine consumption (Mainframe) and with the certainty of the quality of the data presented."

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