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The MD2 MDM solution involves deploying an architecture  integration and processing of data, generating a single master data record.

Master Data Management

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Why does my company need a single master data record?

Duplicate, incomplete registrations and lack of standardization can negatively impact your business, allowing wrong contacts, inaccurate information and financial losses. The creation of a unified view of people, products and services leverages several new business opportunities, since the potential of a centralized master data base can support several business initiatives: customer experience, CRM, Marketing, communication, etc.

How MD2 Master Data Management can help you:

  • Automating the entire data collection process from the systems that generate and update the records;

  • Creating a more comprehensive corporate base using the MDM methodology that will control collection and treatment, creating in-depth views and qualification scores for registrations;

  • Providing sophisticated identity resolution mechanisms, handling duplicate registrations, controlling the validity of updates and flexible unification policies/rules;

  • Automating the process of updating and feeding back data in Legacy Systems, creating reliability in the data for the different purposes of the operation.



100% adherent to the data governance model proposed by the DAMA Institute.


Solution Architecture

Solution based on IBM Information Server Platform


Robust and consistent data model for establishing a single view of customers.

MDM is essential for a unified view of your customers. Get in touch with the leading MDM company on the market.

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